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At Sportifico your sporting career is in the spotlight.

Sportifico is the social network for aspiring football players and coaches. Here is your chance to connect with people who are building their own sporting careers. Your sporting life and achievements take center-stage on Sportifico. Share your career and start building the ultimate sports CV.

Be ready to introduce yourself to the global community of real players and coaches.

Sportifico features are?



A unique sports resume. Your profile is your sporting identity. It's your professional info. Career history, statistics, endorsements...


Status Posts & Stats

Your status is a record of your performances. Played a match? Post a status and automatically boost your statistics. It's your sporting career!



Put yourself into the spotlight. Engage with status posts by Sportifico members. Reach out and build your personal network.



Chat with players and coaches. Create new opportunities. Know the right people. Secure and private. 



Get notified for things that matter to you. Your friend requests, new messages, comments, team events... The right alerts at the right time.



A coach’s tool for team management. Schedule matches and practice sessions. Communicate with your team in group channels. It's about team!

Meet the Athletes and Coaches, their story and experience:

Suzana TanaskovićWFC Rad, Beograd

Right winger, 20 years old, the best team assistant.

The social network that brings together all the athletes in one place and allows easy communication with coaches.

Srbislav ErdeljanWFC Rad, Belgrade

Coach, UEFA C License, an expert in working with football players in junior categories.

For a coach who wants
to create a healthy atmosphere for the development of their players, safe sports environment that Sportifico provides is very important.

Miloš MićunovićFC Free Kick, Niš

Coach, UEFA B licence, Mini-Maxi league coordinator in Nis.

It's great that as a coach
I can exchange experiences with coaches of all generations and ages, and to feel a fraction of the atmosphere and the environment in which others work.

Marina PetkovićWFC Crvena Zvezda, Belgrade

Goalkeepe, youth team coach, UEFA B license, head coach U15 national team of Belgrade, Serbia.

For me as a player, and
especially as coach, Sportifico means a lot because I can have all the statistics in one place. I also read Sportifico ProFeed articles regularly.

Jovan JovanovićOFK Topličanin, Prokuplje

Forward, 18 years old, awarded as the most promising athlete of the city of Prokuplje in 2016.

Finally there is a social network that is dedicated to our careers, development and progress.

Dušan VasićFC Morava / WFC Morava, Aleksinac

Coach, UEFA C License, participated in number of FIFA seminars.

I follow other players and
coaches on Sportifico. Doing that I get valuable insights on how to improve my work with young male and female athletes. That age is very important.

Dalibor SavićIF Brommapojkarna, Switzerland

Coach, UEFA PRO license, an expert from Serbia with an international career.

I think Sportifico is required for anyone who wants to expand its sports network, cooperate with colleagues and other football clubs.

Stefan PetričevićUMFK, Fort Kent USA

Student, 24, named the best right-back in the national college championships USA.

Sportifico athletes provide extra motivation and send a message that there is no giving up. For us athletes, motivation is very important.

Aleksandar ÐuričićUFC Studentski Grad, Belgrade

Forward, 30 years old, fitness coach, one of the best goalscorers of the team.

If I do well in the field,
all this will be followed and documented by the statistics on my profile. Previously, I had to write and keep newspaper clippings to document my performance. Now it's much simpler.

What's in a social network for aspiring sports professionals?

Sports-Team-Huddle-Social-Network-optSport is an essential and universal way for us to express ourselves physically. A natural habit that shapes our body, mind and spirit, sport is also a social activity that helps develop a sense of confidence, identity and belonging.

For a considerable portion of the world’s population, sport is also a way of life and a means of making a living. This is a life that is active, fulfilling and provides opportunities for travel, making friends, and experiencing different cultures.

On the other hand, although digital experiences have become an integral part of our daily lives, we have yet to see an online social network designed to suit the needs of the global sports community…

Until now!

A Whole New Ball Game

Sportifico is a new social network that connects aspiring sports professionals.

In an online world of information noise and digital distractions, Sportifico stands out with its focus and purpose – and its mission to streamline and enrich the daily life of the athlete, coach and team, and to present their excellence to the world.

We are building a culture that embraces clean and honest sport, in the spirit of transparency, healthy competition, and friendship.

From the moment you join Sportifico, the environment and tools we are crafting will let you express and record your day-to-day activities and accomplishments, and present your true colors.

The Comprehensive Sports Resume

Sportifico provides members with the ultimate sports resume. As a player or coach on Sportifico, you can post facts, images, videos and impressions from every match or practice session in which you participate.

The goals, assists, tackles, rebounds, match results and all other stats that you post on your timeline will merge to form a picture of your total career statistics, available on your profile for everyone on the network to see.

You can also be endorsed for skills and qualities related to the sport you play and your team role, providing social proof for everyone out there looking to add a missing piece of the puzzle to their squad.

Finally, your complete stats from all posted activities, along with the endorsements and recommendations you receive from players and coaches you’ve played with, for, or against, will produce a unique and most comprehensive personal sporting resume. Anyone viewing your profile will see an accurate and transparent portrait of the skills and qualities you possess in abundance or are working to improve.

Simple and Efficient Team Management

TeamMates is a team management app within Sportifico that empowers the coaches of athletes in an age of digitally infused lifestyles.

TeamMates provides a simple and effective way for coaches to organize their teams by keeping members informed and updated about activities and events they need to attend.

The event calendar ensures that players never miss a beat, with timely alerts about matches, practice sessions or any other kind of event, while the group chat feature allows teams to discuss everything and anything about day-to-day issues on and off the pitch.

Connecting Sport

Our vision is to create a connected world of sports, in which athletes, coaches and sports professionals can freely associate, communicate, present their abilities and identify opportunities.

Sportifico is focused entirely on the betterment of the individual by encouraging friendships, sharing and collaboration with people who can help you become the best version of yourself.

By nurturing a distraction-free environment in which sports actors can forge connections and engage to their mutual benefit, Sportifico’s mission can be summed up with its simple slogan - Connecting Sport.

Are you ready to take your Career in Professional Sports to the Next Level?

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