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A whole new ball game



We are still working on Sportifico for Managers. Send us your details to stay notified.

We are putting the final polish on Sportifico Baskteball and will notify you as soon as we are ready to launch

We are currently developing . Connect with us to help make it the best experience for players and coaches worldwide!

We will be rolling out Sportifico for more sports in the future. Connect with us to help make it the best experience for players and coaches worldwide!

Sportifico is a social network for coachees


A Playing Field for Coaching

Showcase and share your expertise.
Manage and talk to your team.
Scout and find players worldwide.

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Sportifico is a social network for coachees


Skyrocket Your Career
and Have Loads of Fun

Team up with your coach and mates.
Share your stats and facts, track progress
and build your ultimate portfolio.
Chats, likes, comments = Friends!

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Sportifico, A Social Network for Players and Athletes
Sportifico is a social network for coachees
Sportifico, a Social Network for Managers


The world is Your Stage

Champion your clients and make them shine.
Track and connect with hot prospects.
Stand out with your business know-how.

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Sportifico is a social network for coachees

What's in a social network for aspiring sports professionals?


Sport is an essential and universal way to physically expresses ourselves. A natural habit that shapes our body, mind and spirit and a social activity that helps develop a sense of confidence, identity and belonging.

For a considerable portion of the world’s population, sport is also a way of life and means of livelihood. A life that is active, fulfilling and provides opportunity to travel, make friends, and experience different cultures.

On the other hand, although digital experiences have become an integral part of our daily lives, we have yet had seen an online social network designed to suit the needs of the global sports community.

Until now.

A Whole New Ball Game

Sportifico is a new social network that connects aspiring sports professionals.

In an online world of information noise and digital distractions, Sportifico stands out with focus and purpose - a mission to streamline and enrich the daily life of the athlete, coach and team, and present their excellence to the world.

We are building a culture that embraces clean and honest sport, in the spirit of transparency, healthy competition and friendship.

From the moment you join Sportifico, the environment and tools we are crafting will let you express your day to day activities and accomplishments and present your true colours.

The Comprehensive Sports Resume

Sportifico provides members with the ultimate sports resume. As a player or coach on Sportifico, you can post facts, images, videos and impressions from every match or practice session you take part in.

The goals, assists, tackles, rebounds, match results and all other stats you place on your timeline will converge into the total career statistics available on your profile for everyone on the network to see.

You can also be endorsed for skills and qualities relative to the sport you play and role in the team, providing social proof for everyone out there looking to add a missing piece of the puzzle to their squad.

Finally, your complete stats from all the activities you posted, along with the endorsements and recommendations you receive from players and coaches you played with or against, will produce a one of a kind and the most complete personal sports CV. Anyone viewing your profile will see an accurate and transparent portrait of the skills and qualities you excel in, or are working to improve.

Simple and Efficient Team Management

TeamMates is a team management app within Sportifico that empowers coaching athletes in an age of digitally infused lifestyles

TeamMates provides a simple and effective way for coaches to organise their teams, keeping members informed about the activities and events they need to attend.

The event calendar ensures that players never miss a beat, with timely alerts about matches, practice sessions or any other kind of event, while the group chat feature allows teams to discuss everything and anything about day-to-day issues on and off the pitch.

Connecting Sport

Our vision is to create a connected world of sports in which athletes, coaches and sports professionals can freely associate, communicate, present their abilities and find opportunity.

Sportifico is entirely focused on the betterment of the individual by encouraging friendship, sharing and collaboration with people who can help you become the best version of yourself.

By nurturing a distraction-free environment in which sports actors can forge connections and engage to their mutual benefit, Sportifico’s mission is summed up with a simple slogan - Connecting Sport.

So, are you ready to join us and take
the next step in your sports career?

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