Academy players gather; watch Sportifico live of their match against Chelsea

Young Serbian footballers joined their counterparts from the U.S. in London on Wednesday, thereby completing the team of the Saša Ćurčić Academy.

The boys from Eden Prairie Soccer Club (Minnesota), who were born in the year 2000, together with their coaches Dušan Jakica and Mark Hernandez, landed at London’s Heathrow Airport at around noon, where they were awaited by the organizers of the academy and transferred to the hotel where all participants are to be accommodated.

Welcome speeches were given upon arrival at the hotel, during which participants were addressed, among others, by Saša Ćurčić himself.

Next came medical tests, where the emphasis was placed on check-ups of the players’ spines and posture, with their feet checked using the latest software. This tool is used to analyze the distribution of pressure on the standing surface, as well as recording and analyzing the point of shifting the center of gravity while at rest and during movement. This software was secured for the needs of the Academy by Srđan Grujičić of the Ekovel Center.

The evening hours included the organizing of a joint dinner, after which academy participants returned to the hotel to rest after their arduous flight, thus ensuring they can prepare adequately for the matches ahead of them.

A recovery training session and introductions are planned for Thursday morning, while the evening slot has been reserved for a control match against the Chelsea U17 team, which the Sportifico team will broadcast live on its Facebook page.